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Academics are an integral part of our voyages; Sea|mester is, after all, an educational semester at sea. Yet learning aboard a ship happens in a way it never does in a traditional classroom.

Here, you discover that just as the traditional walls of a classroom don't exist, there is no bell to signal the start or end of learning. The voyage offers endless teachable moments and they happen at all hours.

At its best, learning is an active process, and as part of our crew, Sea|mester will challenge you every day to learn by doing, seeing and experiencing. You study marine biology and oceanography by conducting research diving on reefs. Acquire knowledge of geology trekking through mountainous terrain. Master meteorology and navigation as you plot your course across seas. And develop leadership and communication skills working together with your team.

For most students, these are things they only read about in books. For you it will be something that inspires and enlightens.

Dig a little deeper in this section and learn more about our academic and vocational/technical courses, as well as our university affiliations and credit structure.


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