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Sea|mester is all about blending formal education and real-world learning, in fact our entire course design centers on this as a primary objective. Any student signing aboard should expect this to be a large part of their experience, and arrive ready to embark on their own voyage of discovery.

During 80- and 90-day voyages, students participate in a minimum of four academic courses; the requirement for our shorter voyages is correspondingly less. In addition to the academic courses, every voyage includes components of technical and vocational training such as scuba diving and sailing certifications.

Browse the sections below to learn more about our academic courses and technical and vocational courses.

Introduction to Marine Biology ACADEMIC expand
Introduction to Oceanography ACADEMIC expand
Student Leadership Development ACADEMIC expand
Seamanship & Nautical Science ACADEMIC expand
Personal Educational Project ACADEMIC expand
Skipper & Crew Training VOCATIONAL/TECHNICAL expand
Scuba Certifications VOCATIONAL/TECHNICAL expand
Sailing Certifications VOCATIONAL/TECHNICAL expand


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