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Financial Aid

When considering Sea|mester, we encourage you to consider the costs of your attendance as an investment. Not simply as part of your academic education, but in shaping the person you are.

There are a number of options available for those looking toward funding to make their experience possible. Many of these are listed below, yet please contact us directly to chat about your specific needs and we can help you navigate through the options that might be available.

Sea|mester tuition assistance is offered to applicants who show a great potential to succeed and grow from sailing with Sea|mester, yet would otherwise be unable to attend without financial assistance. The total amount of funds available for any given semester will vary and there are semesters where no funding is available.


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Many of our past students have been able to utilize scholarships and loans that they have secured through their home institution via a consortium agreement directly with Sea|mester. For more information on this we suggest that students talk directly with their financial aid office or advisor about the possibility of a consortium agreement then contact us with specific details.
Many of our past students have been able to utilize private scholarships and grants that they have secured through their home institution or via local, state and national organization that offer packages designed to assist students to study aboard. Typically, students find details on these types of scholarships and grants at their study abroad office or at the myriad study abroad sites published on the web.
Many past students have been able to procure independent educational loans with private lenders to fund a portion of the Sea|mester tuition. It is recommended that students make their first enquiry with a bank or lending institution with whom they currently have business with. Sea|mester has an association The Universal Group (UGA) to offer students a number of options to fund their experience. While this means of financial assistance is helpful, it must be understood that these loans may not pay for the entirety of the Sea|mester tuition and they generally have higher finance fees. For more details on the how's and why's of independent loans or UGA, please contact us for more information.
While each pre pay account and monetary fund will differ in their dispersal requirements, many of our past students have had a high level of success transferring those monies towards their Sea|mester tuition balance. Please call us to discuss your specific account/fund and we can arm you with the details to help with dispersal.
Sea|mester has and will continue to work with students whom are eligible to receive VA benefits which can be applied towards their Sea|mester tuition costs. There are a variety of means that these funds have transferred over to Sea|mester, please call us and we can discuss your options.


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Financial Aid

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