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Barca con agua esta buena

Sep 30, 2005

Location: Passage to Nevis
Author: Theo
Today we woke up to Julia and Matt’s scrumptrilescent egg, cheese and sausage sandwiches, truly a delight to the senses. Then we cleaned up and left our beautiful little isle and motored to Spanish Town. On the way we practiced a man overboard drill, saving the life of a large orange floatation device. We cruised around Spanish Town for a couple of hours, where we ad access to phones, internet, groceries and ice cream. Before dinghying back to Ocean Star to get ready for passage. Our first passage was quite an experience; we split into three watch groups, each controlling the boat for three hours at a time through the afternoon and night. Natty, Mark, Julia and I held it down at the bow for a while singing sea shanties and Disney songs under the stars, while Luke, Matt and Aspen rocked the helm, before we relinquished the watch to the next group, who sailed us through the night.