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Touring the dockyards

Nov 16, 2005

Location: English Harbor, Antigua
Author: Theo
After an invigorating oatmeal breakfast, we set to work on a record-breaking Boat Appreciation while Auto and Chantale went provisioning and filled our propane bottle. Late in the morning when our tasks were done, Boomer, Simon and Dan led us around the dockyards, showing us the megayachts and classy sailboats in a practical MTE class. We returned to the boat for lunch and spent the afternoon chilling on board and enjoying inordinate amounts of coffee at the Galley Bar. A healthy portion of Manwich followed by a lively and slightly scarring Communications class brought an end to our evening, leaving us just enough time to shoot the fat before collapsing into the comfort of our bunks, or the salon as the case may be.