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Sailing to Anegada

Sep 28, 2006

Location: Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
Author: Charlie
This morning we woke early to a quick rain shower at 05:30. We set the sails and left for Anegada at around 06:30 and had cereal underway. About 2.5 hrs later we arrived and anchored near Anegada, and took a 20 min dinghy ride to shore and visited the town for about 1/2 hour. After picking up some personal supplies we rode back to Ocean Star and had lunch of chicken caesar salad wraps. We then left for Gorda Sound. We arrived and were quickly approached by a woman in a dinghy selling jewelry. After purchases we began cooking and preparing for grilled hamburgers and hot dogs on deck. We ate the meat gratefully after a hard day of sailing, and then watched a slideshow on identifying fish.