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Exploring St George

Oct 9, 2006

Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada
Author: Katrina
This morning Holly made scones, that were delicious. After we finished with our Breakfast we started the day with a double dose of class. MTE was the first and Oceanography was second. We all had time ashore to go and explore St. Georges. I was lucky enough to have a tour of Fort George, the churches in the city and eat lunch at the famous ‘Nutmeg’ restaurant, after which we had some time to buy local chocolate and some spices. When we had finished with the Internet, the phone and collected our laundry, we came back to the boat and had some fun practicing our dives and freshening up for dinner. Dinner was a native Grenadian dish – Chicken Rotis. We finished our eventful day with a Marine Biology class.