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B.A. and hull scrape

Nov 25, 2006

Location: Similand Island #8, Thailand
Author: Lauren
Much of today was spent in preparation for the upcoming King’s Cup Regatta. What began as an ordinary day of class and diving turned into a full on BA session. Most of the wood was sanded down and oiled, all of the brass pins were polished until they gleamed, and the hull of the boat even got a good scrape courtesy of the marine science students. We even preserved a few of the scraped off specimens to view under the microscope. All in all, today was far too hot, but it’s hard to complain when you are moored off of some of the world’s most beautiful islands. P.S. There are lots of sea turtles everywhere! A few of them ate our lunch leftovers that went overboard, giving us plenty of opportunity to observe them.