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The end of passage

Aug 8, 2007

Location: Mahon, and the open seas
Author: Kiernan
We awoke on this third morning of passage to heaving seas and slightly overcast skies. But growing on the horizon, to the delight of the seasick shipmates who had spent much of the night clutching the stern rail, was Mahon. With all hands on deck, we quickly struck sail and prepared to stop anchor. Secure in our calm anchorage, the shipmates of Argo returned to their now placid beds to study and catch up on sleep. Following a nourishing lunch, we completed an oceanography quiz, then spent the rest of the afternoon giving Argo some much needed loving, Refreshed after showering and devouring a hearty meal prepared by Ericka and Kayla, we went ashore for a much deserved night out, finally returning to the good ship Argo happy and content.