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first Pacific passage (a short one)

Feb 21, 2008

Location: Isla Contadora, Las Perlas
Author: Nathan D.
We arose at 6:45 and started readying the boat at 7. We motored 30nm from Panama City to the Las Perlas islands. Anchoring off Isla Contadora, some people went ashore for a bit, and from the reports it resembled Connecticut. Boomer was head chef and we ate a hearty Mexican fiesta of shrimp, fire chicken, and or/pork tacos, along with beans, rice, etc. After dinner we had PSCT class; we all went aloft and took turns sweating each other up to the spreaders.andlt;hr width=’100’/andgt;andlt;div align=’center’andgt;andlt;tableandgt;andlt;trandgt;andlt;tdandgt;andlt;