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2nd day of passage

Jul 26, 2008

Location: Fiji to Vanuatu
Author: Oliver
We sailed all day with little motoring until the night time. The classes were OCB and a Blue Planet video. It may sound like a dull day, but there is no such thing when you are on passage. All you have to do is look on the horizon and realize that there is nobody else around. Passage has allowed us to once again become strong and not have the firm ground beneath us. I thi8nk once out to sea, those of us that are under the weather will bounce back to their rightful states. Towards the end of the day we ran into an hour long squall. The wind was howling and made the rain sting my back and unfortunately my rain jacket didn’t do much to keep me from getting drenched. I am sad to think that this trip is over half way done. I know I will remember it forever.