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Exploring Similan Island #8

Jan 25, 2009

Location: Similan Islands, Thailand
Author: Olivia Chapman
The French toast and fruit we had for breakfast was a great way to start a Sunday off. The morning consisted of the OCE students going through and testing out the instruments that will be used for the labs. Others who were not taking OCE had dinghy training. This afternoon was filled with the now “open water divers” going on a drift dive to start working towards their advanced open water certification, while some opted to explore the island. The hiking adventure, comprised of trekking between boulders, climbing up wooden planks and gripping ropes to ensure your safety, lead to one of the most breathtaking views. After taking in the view we all made back to the boat for dinner this evening. We will have our first PSCT course, just in time for our sail training tomorrow.