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A hike to the top with a questionable meal at the end

Jun 22, 2009

Location: Nevis
Author: Doris Wang
The day started out like any other day where everyone wakes up in the morning and breakfast is served at 7:30. The day involved some boat appreciation, in which the boat is cleaned down after a passage, a hike to the Source, where Nevis’ entire main water source comes out of, and planning on leaving tonight for Antigua. The hike was the biggest part of the day. It started out with the group hopping in a car with Barry the taxi driver. A short drive later we were at the beginning of our estimated 4 hour hike. Starting out on the hike, the trail was rocky and grassy with a vine or two hanging in our faces. With the lot of us, the group eventually split up hiking up the trail. There were some amazing things that were seen on the hike, a great view, some saw monkeys and pigs, and just knowing that fresh water is at the top of the hike was all things to look forward too. At the top of the hike there was a 120 ft rusty ladder that we climbed to see where the natural water came from. After the hike, at the end of the trail was a hotel pool where we all took a dip before heading back to the boat. As for my personal thoughts on how the hike went and knowing how I am not all too keen on walking in general, or how I am not the hugest fan of animals, bugs, plants, being sweaty, and everything else that’s involved in a nature hike, I enjoyed it I love good picture opportunities and this hike had a lot of them. I brought along my SLR and got some pretty neat group shots of everyone. This hike kind of showed how I truly am and how Mother Nature and I are not the best of friends but I think I did pretty well on it. I guess people were going to find out sooner or later that I do not like certain things. Getting back to the boat after the hike everyone took their showers and got situated before dinner. As for dinner, there was no real meal planned so the chefs threw something together. For dinner we had beans and rice, canned chicken cooked with black bean paste, mango chutney, and some other essentials to creating burritos. The meal turned out pretty good, not too sure how all of it is going to sit when we set sail for passage though…