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Mar 5 Argo Update

Mar 5, 2010

Location: Underway to Isle de Salut in the Atlantic Ocean
Author: Averill Morash
Today was our first full day underway in what feels like a very long time, but wasn’t actually more than a week. We’ve got new watch teams rotating around now, trying to make sure that everyone has a watch with everyone else. It is weird to see some people up at the same time as who rarely were before and find out that the person you thought just woke you up is actually on your watch now and so couldn’t have woken you up. There was OCE complete with a short Radio Lab podcast followed by MTE and the method of twelfths. During MTE it was raining bananas in the salon, so we got treated to some absolutely scrumptious banana bread for dessert. Thank you Annie and crew. We had an early, though still delicious, dinner tonight to try and get cleaned up in before it got too dark out – no one wants to do a deck wash clipped in. That’s all from Argo for today. 🙂