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Where King Kong Lives…

Oct 28, 2010

Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia
Author: Blake
Were anchored at Petit Piton in St. Lucia, near the town of Soufriere. There is a very large, steep mountain that stays vertical until it hits the water less than one hundred yards away. It looks like King Kong would live on top. Today we did another Reef Check. A Reef Check is an update of a certain reefs health. We have partnered with a local conservation organization to survey the reef. We split into dive groups and recorded information such as number of species of fish and invertebrates, number of dead or bleached coral and other factors. We did this along a transect tape which is a measuring tool set in a straight line for about 100 meters along the reef at depths between 15 feet and 30 feet. There were two transect lines at different depths. We then record our information we find on underwater paper (who knew they made that?). This was all done at the foot of King Kong’s house. The reef looked pretty healthy to me. St. Lucia has a great reef conservation program. Tomorrow, we set sail north to Marigot…