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Underway Than Sugar Highs

Feb 22, 2011

Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada
Author: Courtney “Casper” Goddard
Today started a little earlier than usually. We left Chatham Bay and were underway to Grenada by 0700hr. We had breakfast and lunch underway and arrived shortly after. While Captain Steve cleared us in shipmates got ready to go ashore. Most people who went ashore bought junk food to save for the overnight passage coming up. We had a great dinner and are just cleaning up before some shipmates head to class and others, like me who don’t have class tonight will mostly work on our unfinished SLD papers that are due early tomorrow morning. Hopefully shipmates will get some sleep for the busy day ahead of us, but by the sounds of it sugar has already entered the body and the sugar highs have started.