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Home Away from Home

Jun 18, 2011

Location: Mountain Point
Author: Taylor Burwell
The night watches started out with the thoughts of keeping Ocean Star safe. Thankfully, nothing Happened. The night went peacefully with the student taking there shifts at anchor watch. It was nice to look up in the sky and see all the stars. The ship was woken up at 7:15 to the skipper, me, playing an obnoxious song by the Spice Girls. It seemed to put everyone in an good mood, and the pancakes for breakfast were delightful. After breakfast the open water people went off and did there confined water dive number two, while the certified divers had a quick review before they took there first dive of the trip which they had been anxious for after seeing how much fun everyone else had had they day before learning how to blow bubble under water and not being able to join in. Everyone got back to the boat and had tuna fish sandwiches a wonderful meal. Before sailing off to the next location the captain called a meeting to go over the safety features of the ship so that we would know what to do in case of and emergency aboard. Then we picked up anchor and motored a mile down shore to Mountain Point. Along the way we had a fire drill on board and got to use the boat’s fire hose. Then open water student watched a few videos about scuba diving while listing to the certified student having fun jumping off the side of the boat. Everyone took showers and got ready for dinner, CHILLEY they best dinner so far on the boat. After dinner we had a crash course on sailing 101. We learned about the parts of the boat and how Kevin used to sail around Mission Bay on his sailing boat (this was an example of the points of sail and how it can relate to real life) all in all a good day! Its late and time to go to bed. Hope that tomorrow bring new adventures and fun…