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Diving in Dominica!

Feb 23, 2013

Location: Roseau, Dominica
Author: Mollie
Another marvelous day for the Ocean Star crew. Just when we thought there was nothing more we could do on Dominica, we dove into a new adventure, literally, we went scuba diving. From cruising Dominca’s breath-taking topography to exploring the beautiful underwater bathymetry. This wasn’t just any dive though, we had the opportunity to take a charter boat with Dive Dominica. We all marveled at the dive boat, as we were unprepared for so much space! Room to stretch our legs and place our stuff, no more dingy cramming. With lots of room and lots of air in our tanks we hopped in to follow our guide on a fantastic wall dive, highlighted by the sighting of a hawksbill turtle! We continued to enjoy the extra room as we took our surface interval atop the boat laying out in the sun. Our second dive found us exploring the sandy bottom and seeing flounder fish, eels, and other exotic wildlife, ending up at some geothermal vents where we all got to feel the warmth of the gas bubbles as they floated towards the surface. A relaxing afternoon filled with shore-time, I found myself sitting in a park talking with good friends while watching a cricket match. The evening ended with us enjoying a marvelous BBQ dinner and night out served by the dive center. Another sunny day filled with fun, friends, and good food, what more could we ask for…