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Starting the Rescue Diver Course!

Mar 7, 2013

Location: Green Island, Antigua
Author: Mollie
What a beautiful place we are anchored at, perfect for the next few days activities. I’m proud to say that all divers are pursuing their Rescue diver certification. Green Island reminds us all of Tobago Cays, light blue water, small islands and sandy beaches nearby. We are protected by a reef from the vast openness of the Atlantic Ocean, so the water is super calm. Being on a dock in Antigua was nice, but I have to say I’m glad to be back out where we can just jump off Ocean Star into the water to help escape the heat. We spent this morning going over most of the theory for our Rescue course with Tor, and then kitted up to jump in and practice different rescue techniques. We covered a lot of material, and everyone was tired but satisfied with the day’s work by the time we got out. Not too much to enjoy a hearty meal and tackle some more navigation lessons though, like the fabulous crew we are, we go hard from dawn til dusk, or a bit past dusk as the sun goes down during dinner…