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Final Day as a Crew of 26

Apr 19, 2013

Location: Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia
Author: Hannah Mangel
Where do you even begin writing the final blog? How do you find the words to make a short paragraph and sum up this amazing experience? Well, to be perfectly honest, you can’t. You could write a novel and it still wouldn’t do a justice in describing what this journey has been for the 26 people on board Argo. But I’ll do my best! This trip started out with many “firsts”. The first time we stepped foot on Argo, the first time we were underway, the first time we raised the sails, the first time the head was clogged, the first time we went bilge diving, the first time we really felt like a team. As the trip progressed we became a family, we learned to live in a small space with a large number of people. We learned to appreciate great conversations and beautiful sunsets. We learned how to be busy, and cram a weeks worth of activity in one day but we also learned how to do nothing, how to just be content in each others company during our 17-day passage halfway across the Pacific Ocean. Throughout this trip we covered 6804 nautical miles making 14 stops along the way. However as the trip came to a close the trip started to be about the “lasts”. The last swim, the last sail raise, the last passage, the last squeeze question, and the last night together as a boat [At this moment, Emily begins crying and hands the blog off to Ford to finish it]. The shipmates want to thank the Argo staff- Sam, Kris, Leah, Faloon, Britt, and Maeve- for making this experience so unforgettable.