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Shoo Bird

Aug 7, 2013

Location: Underway to Australia
Author: Frankie Moschella
First things first- HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILLY!! xoxoxo miss and love you! Another beautiful day underway- we are a little over half way to Australia and we couldn’t ask for better weather. We also had a sweet presentation by Eric Shelton on self-defense so now we can fight off all the gangster kangaroos in Australia. For dinner we had honey mustard chicken wings and potatoes cooked by Lindsey, Grace and Ellie which were delicious! To finish off the night we had Captain Sam trying to shoo a bird off our mast with a toy laser, a torch and our horn (it didn’t work). So we have a day to go until we reach the GBR (aka Great Barrier Reef) and then AUSTRALIA!!!!!!