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See the world from the deck of a sailing vessel as you traverse oceans, cultures and continents with strangers turned friends. Each new wonder—whether it's a pod of Minke whales accompanying you on a leg of your voyage or the shout of "land ho" signaling your next shoreside excursion is near— is testament to the discovery and accomplishment of you and your crew.

Lesser Antilles & Caribbean Basin

Discover why the Caribbean has enthralled adventurers for centuries. Sail in the steady trade winds and turquoise waters overlooked by granite coves and jungle-covered peaks. Navigate among her 5,000+ islands and reefs to reveal more than just her surface beauty.

Hike through the rainforest of Saba to summit Mt. Scenery's 3232-foot peak and catch panoramic views of lush green and sparkling aquamarine through a cover of billowing clouds. Join carnival in Roseau, Dominica as natives don costumes, stilts and drums in celebration. Dive along The Ladder Labyrinth to spy a maze of coral and sponge-encrusted lava flows in shades of electric blue, orange and red. Conquer peaks and valleys on your 7-mile hike to one of the world's only two boiling lakes.. Dive through the 150-foot "highway" of Charlie Brown, an old cable laying ship. Scale the winding rainforest of towering mahogany, ridge tops and birds of paradise leading up Mount Qua Qua. Take a 35-foot fall as you jump off the Seven Sisters waterfalls into a sparkling aqua lagoon. Revel in the unspoiled beauty of Little Cayman - especially Bloody Bay Marine Park where you'll experience the best wall diving of your life. Explore the island caves marked with paintings from the Arawak Indians in Bonaire. Fill up on jerk chicken, patties and fresh-squeezed pineapple juice in Jamaica. Not to worry - you'll burn off those calories salsa dancing in Mexico.

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Mediterranean & Atlantic Ocean

Sailing across the Mediterranean and Atlantic is an epic adventure. Hone your sailing skills as you navigate through the narrow straits between Corsica and Sardinia. Stroll Las Ramblas in Barcelona and see the architecture of Gaudi, street performers and open-air markets.

Catch the frenzy of the Castells Competition in Tarragona as you become the base of a human tower in a race to see who can build the highest castle of people amid Casteller folk music, outstretched hands and scurrying climbers. See 3,000 years of history come alive as you tour Rome - taking in St. Peter's Basilica, the Coliseum and the Pantheon. Stare in wonder at the Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens. Bask in Santorini sunsets - iridescent gold falling into the sapphire waters among indigo domes and bleach-white stone buildings tucked into red volcanic cliffs. Meander along the Promenades of Cannes lined with views of the Mediterranean shore and Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous. Bid farewell to the Med as you sail through the Straights of Gibraltar, also known as the Gateway to the Atlantic. Climb Jacob's Ladder, the 699-step rock staircase that takes you from downtown Jamestown to Half Tree Hallow. Ride camels among the sand dunes of Agadir beaches and kitesurf on the turquoise waves of the Cape Verde Islands.

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Pacific Ocean & Society Islands

Conquer the world's largest ocean as you cross the Pacific - not to mention the equator and a few time zones. Sail through the Panama Canal to make your way to the Galápagos Archipelago, the biological wonderland made famous by Charles Darwin in 1835.

Here you'll swim with sea lions and tour the Darwin Research Center with 100 year-old tortoises, blue-footed boobies and the world's only marine iguanas. Riding the trade winds, you'll arrive where the cascading island cliffs meet the ocean in Nuka Hiva. Dive over 100 feet to hover over a sunken ship brimming with sea life in every color of the rainbow. Immerse yourself in Polynesian culture at the festival to end all festivals - Heiva i Tahiti: a whirlwind of dancing, singing, drumming and weaving. For the full Polynesian experience, savor fare like duck curry, sweet rice and roti. Dive with the octopuses, eagle rays and sea turtles in Bora Bora and see fish in every shade as you snorkel through a shallow lagoon in Huahine. It's hard to say what will stick with you most from your journey - watching golden sunsets dipping against volcanic peaks in Tahiti, exploring the lava flow tunnels of Santa Cruz or sailing on the open waters enveloped by only sun, clouds and ocean on your passage to the Marquesas.

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Australia & Asia

The sights and sounds of Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia leave even the most accomplished traveler in awe - especially when each stop signals another sailing success.

Have a close encounter with koalas, wallabies and kangaroos at the Billabong Sanctuary. See whales breaching and sea snakes wriggle as you sail through the Timor Sea. Scuba dive along the Great Barrier Reef with whale sharks and angelfish to see why the 1,200 miles of marine life is considered the best diving site in the world. Listen to the straw-sucking sounds of geckos as you hike the jade mountains of Lizard Island. Feel the speed of the ocean as you surf your first wave in Bali. Watch orangutans swing from vine to vine in the jungles of Borneo. Learn about coral protection first-hand from Green Fins, a coral conservation project in Southeast Asia. Ride horseback along sugar-white beaches and aquamarine waters in Langkawi. Mingle with aboriginals as they sculpt works of art in the Tiwi islands. See wildlife from the elephants of Bangkok to the orangutans of Kumai. Sway to the chants of sarong-clad performers using dance as ceremonial storytelling in Bali. Then, navigate through the Andaman Sea to island hop on Thailand's most secluded tropical islands.

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The Indian Ocean & Africa

The Indian Ocean offers some of the world's best cruising conditions. Conquer her monsoon winds to explore the world's largest coral atoll - Christmas Island.

Here, you'll sink your toes in the sugar-white sand and gaze at the shimmering salt flats dotting the island. Take a dance lesson from the island natives during Ruoia, a national dance that pays tribute to the 18 species of birds that call the island home. Venture back to sea to make your way to Cocos Keeling to swim with dolphins and dive with manta rays. Next stop - Mauritius, to hike among forest-covered mountains and cascading waterfalls. Then, dive over a Japanese fish boat wreck to spot barracudas, napoleon wrasses and surgeonfish. Sail over the Tropic of Capricorn to explore the most diverse place on Earth: Africa. Spy a line of baby elephants strolling through the bush, a herd of giraffes chomping on Guinea Grass and hippopotami sunning in the river at the Imfolozi Game Reserve Park. Hike Table Mountain, South Africa's most recognized landmark with its steep sides and pancake top, to see indigo sky and sea among green-speckled granite mountaintops. Visit Robben Island where South Africa's first democratic President, Nelson Mandela, spent 18 of his 27-year sentence for leading the anti-apartheid struggle. Revel in the taste and smell of braai, barbecue with kick, as you stroll amid jugglers, dancers and musicians in Greenmarket Square.

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