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Thank you for your interest in employment with Sea|mester!

As a leader in the field of experiential education programs for young adults, we attribute our continuing success to the quality of our staff and the strong relationships we build in pursuit of our mission. Below you will find more information about us and how you can begin your path towards an exciting and rewarding career.

Company Overview

Backed by over 40 years of experience delivering experiences in sail and dive training and ocean science, Sea|mester is part of Global Expeditions Group (GXG). We offer college level academic programs at sea for young adults. Our mission is to provide incredible adventures that promote social, emotional and intellectual growth and the exploration of other cultures.

Over the course of a semester our students learn sailing skills, navigation and scuba diving. They study oceanography, marine biology and leadership, and may travel as many as 5000 nautical miles and have amazing cultural experiences. Through the course of the voyage, students and staff live and work together aboard the vessels. Communication, leadership skills, and integrity are paramount to a successful voyage. Our philosophy is to educate, instruct and facilitate the development of both the hard and the soft skills, thereby arming our students with a new set of tools for the future.

Employment Information

Sea|mester is proud to attract and recruit the best in our field. Our staff consists of interesting individuals who are highly qualified professionals, fun and experienced educators and enjoy the challenge and excitement of ocean voyaging and traveling to distant shores. All members of our team are dynamic, multi-talented and passionate individuals with an unending devotion and commitment to the safety and experience of our students.

The average age of our staff is around 30, many are U.S. citizens, though a wide range of nationalities are represented. We accept applications on a year round basis. Contracts typically require a minimum one year commitment though this can vary depending on the location(s) assigned. We seek staff for the following positions:

Skipper / Sailing Master




Marine Science / Oceanography Instructor


Medical Staff


PADI Scuba Instructor


General Support Staff / Deckhand


Compensation and Benefits

Sea|mester offers compensation packages competitive within our field. Compensation is dependent on many factors including staff qualifications, experience, position and responsibilities, program location and duration. Compensation packages for full time (year round staff) include airfare benefits, paid time off, medical insurance, staff apparel, room and board. Please contact our office at if you have specific questions regarding compensation and benefits.

Staff Expectations

Our professional staff need to be the embodiment of the Sea|mester mission, philosophy, policies and procedures. We place high expectations on our staff, thus applicants should consider all of the following before applying.

  • Our staff must be enthusiastic and young enough at heart - as well as physically, mentally and in all ways able - to work with young adults 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in an environment that is highly active and adventurous, is physically and mentally demanding and lacks personal privacy, space and time off.
  • Safety comes first in everything we do at Sea|mester. Staff are expected to create a safe, fun and educational environment for our students, as well as be a positive role model.
  • As international travel, living aboard sailing vessels and work with youth is in many ways unpredictable, staff need to be able to think on their feet and be flexible enough to handle change and associated challenges.
  • Although English does not need to be a first language, staff are expected to be fluent.
  • Staff need to maintain professional conduct and present a professional appearance at all times.
  • All staff are required to be trained in First Aid and CPR. Special consideration is given to applicants with advanced medical training such as Wilderness First Responder or EMT.
  • We are a strict tobacco, alcohol and drug-free program for our students. As our staff are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are models of the behavior we expect from our students, our staff must be able to maintain tobacco, alcohol and drug-free behavior during their contractual periods. On exception, staff are permitted to consume alcohol in moderation during approved times off, but staff must understand these are infrequent exceptions to the rule rather than regular occurrences. All staff agree to random drug testing in the workplace.
  • Employment is conditional upon successful completion of a background check and an acceptable medical history form and/or examination by a licensed physician.

How to Apply

If you think you have what it takes, not just the right qualifications but also the right outlook, motivation and commitment to our programs, we'd love to hear from you! To apply, simply fill out the online application below. If you have any questions before application, please e-mail us at

Please note that our employment process is highly competitive. Upon receipt of an Application for Employment, Sea|mester is only able to contact potential candidates for interviews but you should feel free to follow up with us by phone or email.

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