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You have been selected as someone able to give a reference for a Sea|mester applicant. We hope that you are willing to complete the following form on their behalf.

Our program is designed to teach new skills, define interests and offer college-level academic credits in oceanography, marine biology, nautical science, and leadership. For the duration of the voyage, students and staff live together aboard sailing vessels and travel throughout various areas of the world. By virtue of the onboard activities and close living conditions, there will be times when the applicant may become both physically and mentally fatigued. While no previous experience is necessary in any of the academic or vocational areas, an applicant must be mature and able to live, work and operate effectively in such an environment.

Please evaluate the applicant for each of the following characteristics by encircling the statement that, in your judgment, best describes the applicant.


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Applicant Information



Honesty with others and himself/herself
Treats others as he/she would like to be treated

Application to a task and perseverance
Knows and accepts self, adaptable, tolerant

Responsible, dependable, punctual
Takes setbacks in stride, positive self-image

Ability to work together with others, abides by requests of those in charge
Motivated, independent, resourceful

Vocabulary, ability to express oneself
Social behavior, ability to get along with others

Surrounds himself/herself with those who encourage and support him/her
Ability to influence and guide others

We pride ourselves in trying to select the best students for our team. If there is any other information you think might be essential for us to know when considering their application for such an intense experience, please let us know.
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