Life Aboard

12 Life Hacks for Living Aboard a Sailing Vessel

The following is an article from Sea|mester student Hailey Atkins, as seen in Sea|mester’s publication The Telltale

It’s no secret that a voyage with Sea|mester will challenge you both mentally and physically. In fact, this is exactly what we are searching for by embarking on these adventures. Listed below are just a few of our favorite ways to make life a little more manageable while underway.

Twelve Ways to Survive Life at Sea

1. Don’t fall asleep on bow watch.

2. When dealing with frustration, it’s often better to let it slide.

3. Keep calm and sail on.

4. Find a happy place – Listen to music, eat your feelings, or settle your emotions by sitting atop the bowsprit.

5. Think you have it hard? Imagine being in the movie White Squall.

6. Use Bleach.

7. Don’t forget to brush your teeth while underway.

8. Lash yourself down in bed

9. Take some time off for yourself upon waking up to get oriented.

10. Don’t let the ocean in your room, unless absolutely necessary.

11. Don’t run on deck.

12. It’s better to ask than to sink the boat.