Life Aboard

How Your Perspective Changes Aboard a Sailing Vessel

The following article was written by Sea|mester student Andi Jordan, as seen in Sea|mester’s publication The Telltale

There’s often talk of the things to look forward to upon returning home from a voyage with Sea|Mester.

Creature comforts like hot showers, endless amounts of junk food, and flushing toilets captivate the imagination. But after reminiscing for a minute or two about the little, unimportant “necessities” of our normal lives, we snap out of the thought. We realize that even though we may miss the little things, there are countless reasons to escape the real world.

In the course of our discussions, the same question tends to arise: “What don’t you miss from home?” Answers vary, but overall everyone agrees that escaping the clutches of reality television, the news, and social media is a nice change of pace and that ultimately our lives are a lot less complicated without them. Without the constant checking of social networks, to find out “her” new hair color, or who’s in a relationship with whom, you realize that those things are probably the most unimportant bits of information you could ever worry your mind with. The daily news that floods our television screens of murder, crime, and pointless information about celebrities, fads, and politics are almost non-existent here.

Life is simpler when you’re not worried about the daily rat race. Life is simpler when the answer is day 72 instead of November 30th; All we need to worry about is how much longer we get to spend aboard our floating home. The daily frustrations that come with modern conveniences are eliminated on these boats. While aboard a Sea|mester vessel, you have to find ways around problems and be creative in solving them. If something isn’t working the way you thought it would, or if plans change against your favor, there are ways to work through the issue.

When we leave, we’ll enjoy hot water and Chinese food; we’ll enjoy the comforts of home. But more than that, we will miss the simplicity of living on a boat. We will miss waking up in the morning, walking on deck, and seeing crystal clear blue water. We’ll miss conversations that take place while cleaning dishes, and we’ll miss the people that we’ve lived with for three months. These are the moments we will remember forever.