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The Telltale: What Bonds A Crew?

Welcome back to The Telltale!

This week’s entry comes to us from Thomas Devereux aboard S/Y Ocean Star, as he explains what truly bonds a crew during their time at sea. Enjoy!

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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about life on Ocean Star is all the incredible activities that we get to participate in. Whether it’s raising sails and traversing the open ocean, snorkeling with turtles, hiking to the top of a volcano, or learning new things from one of our awesome teachers, every day is different! But being a member of Ocean Star’s crew is so much more than these activities. It’s also about coming together as one cohesive group and accomplishing each new step in our voyage as a team.Every crew member has a significant role to play in keeping us shipshape, which we keep track of using our job-wheel. Each day you are assigned a duty to carry out, which can range from being skipper or bosun, to deckie, dishypit crew, and headmaster. If even one of these jobs is neglected, it affects the whole crew.

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Yet when everyone willingly does their part to complete these tasks together, it creates a sense of accomplishment and a kind of bonding experience that brings us closer together. In addition to these daily tasks, there is another element to bonding on Ocean Star that is different from most jobs or schools: We all live together in a very small space. When living in such close proximity to other people, you usually get to know them on a deeper level. You learn all their strengths and the things you like about them, yet you also start to notice their weaknesses or things they do that get under your skin and that can make things a little interesting when you can only be 88 feet away at any given point. Yet learning to live with people when they do things that drive you crazy is part of what brings us closer together. Think about your family – more than likely they all do something that irritates you, but you still love them. As I reflect on these qualities, I realize that perhaps that connection is what being a crewmember is all about – becoming family with the your shipmates.