Life Aboard

Welcome Aboard, Argonauts!


Groggy morning slogs to the coffee machine fueling a laundry list of Garfield-esque activities. Unanswered emails nagging, to-do lists needing attention, daydreams of weekend plans to distract from a fickle thread of productivity. It’s just any other Tuesday that has been lived out a thousand times before.

But for 19 strangers converging from different corners of the world, today is anything but ordinary. Today is THE Tuesday. The Tuesday when the ordinary is traded for the exceptional, the mundane for the remarkable. Today is the beginning of a life-changing experience for 19 new shipmates aboard S/Y Argo.

Beginning today, the only thing to expect is the extraordinary. Sure, there will be to-do lists that demand attention and chores that must be finished – dishes to be washed and heads to be scrubbed – but these experiences are formative. These chores matter and these lists are important because without them, this crew – this soon to be family – could not function. Every student here plays a critical role in keeping this floating home upright and shipshape.

Sure, maybe it’s just another Tuesday – but on this Tuesday in one small corner of the world comfort zones will be pushed and potentials will be realized, just as they have been for the last 40 years. Today, lives are changing. Welcome home, Argonauts.