Life Aboard

The Telltale: Welcome Home, Shipmates!


We love hearing about the experiences of our students as they return home from a voyage.

Our most recent shipmates are now making their reintroduction to life at home, so we couldn’t help but share a few words from Argonaut Emmalee Ishmael upon her return:

“For the past 90 days, I’ve been traveling all over. I visited 9 countries, too many cities to count, and logged 5,978 nautical miles sailing. We crossed the Atlantic Ocean (in total spending 21 days with no sight of land around us) and saw amazing, wild marine mammals such as 4 species of dolphins, pilot whales, sharks, and let’s not forget sea turtles and gorgeous coral. I’ve now earned as well my international crewmember certification, my VHF operator certification, CPR cert, and Advanced Open Water Diver certification. But most importantly, I did all this with an amazing crew That became my family. It was truly a whirlwind of an experience #Argo2018. Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen for me!”

Whether you’re fresh off the boat or your voyage was 15 years ago, one truth remains: these memories last a lifetime. Welcome home, Argonauts!