Sea|mester Admissions

We understand that a Sea|mester experience is a significant expenditure, and we encourage you to consider the costs of your attendance as an investment. Not simply as part of your academic education, but in shaping the person you are.

That said, it’s important for any prospective student to fully extrapolate the total cost of their attendance prior to submitting an application.

1. Understand what is included in the Base Tuition

This figure is listed in the table at the top of each voyage page, and includes the following:

  • Sea|mester academic instruction for the applicable courses offered during that voyage (refer to academics section)
  • University of South Florida (USF) academic credit for all academic classes offered during the program.
  • Full room and board
  • All group excursions, field trips and destination-focused educational experiences
  • Non-professional sailing instruction and certification costs
  • Non-professional scuba instruction and certification costs*

(*PADI required books and materials, as well as professional certification fees are additional for all voyages).

2. Estimate Your Total Cost of Attendance.

To estimate your total cost of attendance, students should consider the following:

  • Base tuition
  • Travel costs to and from the program
  • Certain equipment expenses such as foul weather jacket, bibs and boots as well as a mask, fins and snorkel
  • Personal spending money
  • Required International SOS and MedAire membership & emergency evacuation insurance. (20-day voyages = $85 | 40-day voyages = $150 | 70 to 90-day voyages = $225)
  • Other insurance (Medical and/or Trip Cancellation)
  • PADI scuba diving books and materials fee (estimated at $75 per non-professional PADI course selected)
3. Participant Terms & Agreements

Review our Terms Agreement Document

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