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Sea|mester tuition assistance is offered to applicants who show a great potential to succeed and grow from sailing with Sea|mester, yet would otherwise be unable to attend without financial assistance.

The total amount of funds available for any given semester varies, and there are semesters where no funding is available. There is no scholarship application fee and all Sea|mester applicants are eligible to apply.

It is important to keep in mind that Sea|mester aims to give scholarships out to a wide variety of students, and would rather give out multiple scholarships at a lesser amount, rather than large scholarships to only a select few. Sea|mester does not have the ability to offer full, 100% scholarships.

Historically the average scholarship awarded per student is around 15% – 25% of the total tuition cost, with 60% being historically the largest scholarships awarded, and even then only on very rare occasions. It is therefore recommended that you only ask for what you need, not what you want.

How to apply for a Sea|mester scholarship.
Those who wish to apply for a Sea|mester scholarship must complete the following:

  • The standard Sea|mester application process. This includes submitting an online application, paying the application fee, submitting a Student Questionnaire, and having referees submit their online Student Reference Forms.
  • The Sea|mester Scholarship Application

Application Deadlines
All applicants are accepted on a rolling basis. Those who apply to the program and complete a scholarship or grant application will also be offered provisional acceptance to the program on a rolling basis, with their funding requests being handled separately from their overall acceptance to the program. There is no deadline for applying to Sea|mester nor is there a deadline for applying for any available scholarship funding.

Response & Timeline
Upon receiving a completed scholarship application, we’ll endeavor to respond to your request within five business days. At that time the student will have a couple of options:

  • Accept – The applicant accepts the offered scholarship award. The applicant will then be asked to submit the standard $500-$1,500 berthing deposit within 15 days to confirm and reserve the space.
  • Deny & Cancel – The applicant denies the offered scholarship award and cancels their application.
  • Deny & Review – The applicant denies the offered scholarship award and requests another review. The applicant’s berthing confirmation will be placed on hold until we re-review the application, usually 30, 60 or 90 days prior to the trip’s start date. It should be noted that previous scholarship offers may not be available at the time of re-review. Available scholarships may increase or decrease depending upon current enrollment, remaining scholarship funding etc.

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