Academics | Independent Study

Course Code: PEP (Optional)

Credits Vary - Contact Hours Vary

Course Description:

Any Sea|mester is a voyage of discovery and we understand and support the fact that some enrolling or returning students may have academic needs that are not satisfied by our standard classes. The IDS class is designed to fill that gap, and students may select from one of the following two options:

  • Undertake an accredited correspondence or approved independent study course through their home institution.
  • Un-accredited self-designed (and Sea|mester approved) independent study course. In this case, students are required to submit a project outline for review, which must include the project title, goals and instructional methods, as well as desired outcomes. Should the independent study proposal be accepted, students then need to provide our staff with acceptable methods of evaluation prior to joining the program. All projects will be considered, whether it is language development, photojournalism or anything in between.

Student Handbook

For complete course overviews and syllabi, download the Sea|mester student handbook