Life Aboard | A Typical Day

The only thing that’s typical about a day with Sea|mester is that it’s going to be anything but typical!

Throughout the journey, you should expect each day to be unique and unrepeatable, holding opportunities to witness, experience, and learn about the world, about others, and about yourself. From the moment you step aboard, you’ll quickly learn that there are no passengers on our vessels, only crew members.

The first part of any voyage is all about learning the ropes, and acclimatizing to an entirely new way of life.

Shifting roles and duties aboard, academic class scheduling, meal prep and provisioning, setting and striking sails, scuba training, watch teams, emergency drills…

Days fly by, confidence grows and before you even realize it, you’re ready to make passage for an entirely new destination and different set of adventures.

Irrespective of the length of the voyage, the destinations you discover or the vessel that you call home, you and your team will take the helm of your own experience. You’ll alternate roles each day from Skipper to Mate, Navigator to Bo’s’n to Engineer to Chef, and to roles that simply support the success of others.

The responsibility is designed to present challenges, and with our staff as facilitators, overcoming them holds a very real possibility of having a profound impact on who you are, what you believe in and what you consider important in life.

Life Aboard is the journey, and you’ll be involved in every part of it. It’s what makes the Sea|mester experience real.

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