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Diving Deeper

Location: Falmouth, Antigua

This morning was another fantastic sunrise coming over Pigeon Beach; this is a famous beach in Antigua that we are lucky enough to be able to see from the boat. Although getting used to slightly unpredictable weather is always a fun challenge, everyone in the crew felt glad to have had an easier anchor watch night, just warm winds and glowing stars. As a skipper, I woke everyone up today with a performance of a song from The Lion King. It goes awim away awim away awim away, in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight... maybe you know the song? This energized the team to jump right out of bed and roll into an amazing first student-cooked breakfast. With many, many choices and toppings, a bagel bar was a fantastic pre-dive meal.

Our Divers who are currently getting certified continued in the confined water part of their course. Confined is the part of the course where we learn skills and get comfortable in shallow water before taking these perfected skills into the deeper ocean. With every great dive team, there comes a fantastic support team that makes nutritious hot meals. Today, that task fell to Jack (with help from Ella), who knocked out three sensational meals.

After lunch, the divers who are getting certified got to test their newly refined skills in deeper water under the big boat, in around 7 meters of water. I was lucky enough to assist Instructor Ben as a Divemaster for the group. It can be a challenge going to deeper water, but this team was full of absolute naturals.

We are all looking forward to our first passage tomorrow over to Nevis, so in preparation, after the dives, we did a deck rodeo. This is when we teach the crew how to handle the lines onboard safely, and of course, it comes with a year!!!

We then sat down to dinner and enjoyed chatting about all the cool and unforgettable experiences we shared together today!