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First Day Onboard!

Location: Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

After long travel days from Canada, Los Angeles, Colorado, Virginia, and everywhere in between, we have made it to Ocean Star (at least most of us)! We slowly started to find fellow Seamester friends on our flights by picking them out of the crowd from a duffel bag, a bag of diving fins, or just looking like a cool person. After flying over the bright blue water and getting through customs, we met up and took a taxi ride that had a couple of detours to finally land at the dock. We were greeted by fellow crew members and a fun get-to-know-you COVID test which we are happy to report all came back negative! We then found our bunks and settled into our new home for the next 40 days. After that, we all gathered together to have our first dinner on board, got to know each other, and started to learn the different roles of a crew mate. We are all very excited about the journey ahead!