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A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Location: Cairns, Australia

The crew of the fall 2008 Global Sea|mester assembled over the last two days to make their new home aboard the 110' schooner "Argo." Last night we barbequed together and got to know each other over a feast of burgers, sausage, fish, and kangaroo. Today was spent reviewing the policies and procedures that we all agree will govern the ship on her journey back to Thailand over the next three months. This afternoon the first mate Kate and second mate Kevin introduced the crew to the basics of line handling and directed a game to help the new shipmates learn the location and use of all the running rigging. Later, after a chili dinner, more of Argo's intricacies were covered in an effort to bring all hands up to speed in preparation for the sailing to come. Many jetlagged sailors are turning in early as we will be up early tomorrow to tour some of the inland areas just to the west of Cairns.