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A Day Underway

Location: Underway to Sardinia

Writing this blog two days late...

Hello, the outside world, Pheebs again. These past two weeks since Gibraltar have been a blur. The program is closing out, and we've been on the move. After a chaotic time in Barcelona, we were underway to Italy, and it was suddenly the final day of passage. We began the day with a 0000-0400 watch with watch team 2 filled with telling scary stories and marveling over the meteor shower we were blessed with. After an awesome 8-hour sleep, we were awoken to Amanda's chicken noodle soup lunch and Plaii (our second dingy) being resuscitated after a long hibernation in the laz.

After lunch, PSCT students presented their research on different systems onboard Argo. The crew learned about the main engine from Will, the hydraulics systems from Maya, the water maker from Drew, the fridge systems from Charles, and the batteries from Sammy. Meanwhile, Celia, Santana, and I went back to working on Plaai. She needed her speed tubes taken out, soaped up, and pulled back in. Despite the hours of training I had received at AQ setup (shoutout Riley), we pulled the tubes out with no guidelines attached and had to innovate ways to pull them back through that made use of boat hooks and dock hoses. After presentations were done, the final review of EFR exams happened, meaning everyone is not Emergency First Responders!!! Rolling out of EFR, Amanda put on The Internship to get the galley through the process of making dinner and entertain bystanders chilling in the saloon.

The works of the galley produced a delicious boat charcuterie consisting of homemade hummus, veggies, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, homemade naan, veggie burgers, and more - YUM! After dinner, we closed out our day with our 2000-0000 watch with a dance party, nail salon, sing-alongs, the first sighting of Italy, and more shooting stars.

And that's a wrap.
Mum, Dad, Polls, and Jake, if you're reading this, I love you muzungus.