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Back to Underwater We Go!!!!!!!!!!

Location: Sardinia, Italy

Our first full day in Sardinia started off with an early wake-up and a nice breakfast cooked by our new staff member Will. After eating, we quickly changed into our bathing suits before heading to a small beach right next to our anchor point. While most of us decided to take the dinghy, Charles, Santana, Leo, Will, Sammy, and Alex opted for a more challenging route by swimming all the way to the beach. Our time there was not your regular relaxing day at the beach. We played a bunch of games that sometimes took an interesting turn: blindfolded battles, hidden water bottles, and, my personal favorite, birdie on a perch. We also had time to explore hidden hiking trails and to snorkel with lots of fish and tiny jellyfish. Santana and Will were even transformed into mermaids after being buried in the sand.

An even more exciting afternoon was waiting for us back on Argo. We went on our first dive since leaving the BVI! After getting all the diving gear out of the laz, where it was stored away for the last few weeks, we set up our kits and got into our wetsuits. The dive site was one of the coolest so far. We dove in between rock crevices and floated over super-long seagrass.

We finished this eventful day by taking a long-anticipated ocean shower during the golden hour. We swam until the sun set before drying off to watch The Goblet of Fire. Only a few of us were able to finish the whole movie. We were all exhausted from our day and fell asleep before the end!