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You've Got to Get Messy to Get Clean

Location: Sardinia, Italy

Even though it is not technically today, I will start by describing last night's night dive as it was definitely something for the record books. The night was full of terrors as I can only imagine seeing Will in a multi-colored top hat and SCUBA gear sixty feet down would freak out even the most steel-hearted of divers. Additionally, a cuttlefish was seen that amazed everyone with its dazzling light show of bioluminescence. But onto today. Today, we woke up at 7:00 to the beautiful rocks of Sardinia. After a breakfast of yogurt and granola, we immediately presented (and quickly finished up) our research project presentations. We had been working on these since we left the Azores, and topics included plankton, salinity, and pH after PSCT students took their test on maritime law, their final test of the course. As lunch was starting to be served, you could definitely see people being lighter on their feet after these weights of stress had been taken off them.

After a lunch of coconut noodles, we started messy boat appreciation. And messy it was. Normally, one wouldn't think of getting something messy when they are trying to clean, but Argo is not normal. The entire afternoon was dedicated to removing and cleaning everything out of the nooks and crannies of the boat, including but not limited to water, hair, dirt, onion peels, more hair, and a fully dissembled toilet. The laz, anchor locker, and bilges were all the battlegrounds that tested a good many veterans. Many people found their secret talent as a contortionist as they wiggled and squirmed into even the smallest holes to clean. Leo stated a quote that was shared by many of the bilge cleaners: "I am not the same person I was after coming out of that bilge." But despite the sweaty, dirty, and cramped situation, everyone managed to have fun and laugh. After we cleared out everything that was in the hull of the boat and cleaned it, we proceeded to repack it, forcing everything back into its place. Dinner was a tasty pasta bolognese, and after a small hand and knee drum solo, everyone got back to work preparing for our departure to the Italian mainland tomorrow.

Love you, Mom and Dad! Can't wait to talk to you soon!