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Plankton in Rome

Location: Rome, Italy

All roads lead to Rome... In our case, all currents lead there.

Our day started with a ballot of classic country rock. We quickly gathered our walking things, tied our walking shoes, and headed for the train station. A semicolon route through the rolling fields quickly turned into high-rise buildings as we neared the industrial metropolis of Rome.

Breakdown on the train platform: Be at the Colosseum at 4:30, no later. Don't get a tailored suit, and don't swim in any fountains. We then dispersed into the maze of Rome. We choose the stratagem of plankton, splitting off and drifting around the city, observing the numerous historical sights. With everyone splitting off, I can't tell you much more than everyone enjoyed their time wandering, shopping, eating, and experiencing the wonders of Rome.

Personally, Leo and I went to the traditional sights (pantheon, cathedrals... etc.) before renting bikes and cycling to the less busy parts of the city. Everyone took a similar plan, some visiting the Vatican and others wandering the streets, stumbling upon various Roman cities and hidden gems of the city.

We miraculously rendezvous at the entrance of the Colosseum. After some indulgence of ice-cold water, we stepped foot into the strikingly large and intact structure. It is hard to comprehend the history and scale of these ruins without a first-hand account. It would be pretty cool to be a gladiator, short-lived but cool.

After a beautiful sunset train ride back to Civitavecchia, we returned to a wonderful meal prepared by Gabe, Callum, and British Will. The heat and hot stones of Rome truly tested us, but after crossing the ocean, it really felt like we could take on anything.