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The Land of Natural Secrets

Location: West End, Tortola, BVI

A new voyage begins for the coming Argonauts today. Many trickled in just past noon and moved their things below as they became acquainted with their new home, but the bulk of the student body arrived just as the sun was setting. Taxi after taxi arrived, unloading shipmates by the handful. Soon, all but one late comer had made it to the vessel, and Argo quickly became abuzz with activity. Students began unpacking their belongings, checking in with their passports, emergency money, and other bits and bobs. Once everything was all squirreled away, dinner was served on deck, and our first "squeeze" took place. "Squeeze" is where the entire crew of staff and students end a meal by answering a question posed to the group by the skipper of the day. Today, to keep things in a good way, the question was, "what is your name, where are you from, and what do you appreciate most about today?" We have students from all over the world coming aboard for this voyage, and each has brought a unique personality and great attitude thus far. After tidying up, we had a brief talk about boat life and a survival guide to the first night on board. With all of that completed, many students hung out on deck and watched the tarpon, schools of baitfish, and greater bulldog bats under the light cast over the water by Argo's bright floods. With all of her beds made, with sheets tucked in, and with her life vests proudly displayed in the center of each bunk, Argo looked very presentable for her new charges. We plan to head out to Virgin Gorda tomorrow, where we will begin dive training right away and hopefully get all of the uncertified students up to the open water diver level by the end of the week. It is an exciting time in the voyage as we embark on a grand adventure to new places with fresh faces.

Pictured: Argo in all her glory; freshly made bunks ready and waiting for our students; fruit hammocks full of food for the next few days.