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The Crew is Assembled

Location: Villefranche

The crew of the 40-day Mediterranean voyage assembled yesterday and met each onboard Argo. Introductions were formalized, and the jet-lagged students were early to bed, waking up only for their hour of anchor watch throughout the night. This morning they were baptized in the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Apparently, everyone can swim, so shortly following the swim, we all enjoyed a breakfast of french toast. The bulk of the morning had us discussing the policies and agreements that everyone must live by in order to make this trip run smoothly. In the afternoon, shore time was granted, and the crew explored their surroundings in Nice and Villefranche. After eating supper, we will be introducing everyone to the intricacies of the vessel in three separate stations, so all hands will begin to understand what it will take to sail aboard Argo.