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Let the Good Times Begin

Location: Greece

After hours of traveling, some across oceans and continents, Argo welcomed 23 new smiling faces aboard. With barely enough time to stop and enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich, the students and their Classics professor were whisked off to the Acropolis for an afternoon of fun in the sun. Around the world, Action Quest programs kicked off their first day together with a dip in the ocean, but here out on Argo. We started by visiting one of the most famous historical sights around the world. Situated directly in the center of Athens, Greece, the infamous Parthenon built over 2400 years ago watches over the cities modern sprawl. Our cameras are sure to fill up fast. Now, as the evening winds down after our Beginning Program Meeting, hammocks are being set up on deck, and some very sleepy looking crew members head off to bed to dream about the adventures we will be having over the next four weeks as we visit the places once written about in the Odyssey and much more.