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Day 1 - All Aboard Argo

Location: Ville Franche, France

Hi from France! People trickled in throughout the afternoon to join the staff on Argo off the coast of Nice. A few of us had a chance to walk the streets of Ville Franche and found an old roman fortress before we had to be aboard. We managed to tuck into and out of the quaint shops and restaurants and were able to grab lunch in the small seaside town as well. Once aboard Argo, we got checked in and unpacked, and most of us called home. (A few of us forgot) It has been a beautiful, sunny day for arrivals, and the crew shared their first meal together on deck in the fading light of the sunset. We all know approximately 62% of each other's names in our semi-conscious state of jet lag and are trying our best to absorb all the new life aboard information. Everything in this new home of ours is very different from the one we left back home. We needed a special lesson on how to use the bathrooms, which are known as "heads." and are very mindful of our footsteps as the boat is gently rolling from side to side. There's a lot to learn and figure out about living aboard, but we are all excited. Here's to a good night's rest and an incredible adventure ahead.