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Welcome to Vela

Location: Civitavecchia

Like every arrival day, it's been a long but rewarding day. We (as in the staff team) got up early to tie up loose ends and get Vela looking shiny for our new arrivals.
The first arrival didn't have us waiting for long and at 9 am sharp, Henry stepped foot onto Vela, ready to settle into his new home. Throughout the day we had a steady flow of students arriving.
After settling in and unpacking, most of the early arrivals decided to explore Civitavecchia and take a quick dip into the Mediterranean sea.
At 6 pm sharp, we could finally say "boarding completed" with Zoe stepping on as our last student.

The evening was filled with good food, lots of chatter, and even more information regarding boat life for our new student crew. We concluded our dinner with a classic "squeeze", getting to know each other a little better. While I am writing this blog, half of the crew is sitting in the cockpit singing along to a guitar playing in the background.

Overall I call this a successful first day!

Much Love to everyone following along on our journey.
- Leoni

1. Cockpit Jam Session
2. Staff Team: Freddie, Brianne, Elle, Shona, Dylan, Garrett, Leoni
3. Sam and Grace
4. Arden, Liz, Helayna, Shona
5. Lundh clean-up