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When Stars Align

Location: West End, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Today has been a long time coming for the staff of Ocean Star, and the anticipation of our student arrivals has been huge. The boat is looking better and homier than ever, with a buzz of excitement in the air as each new member of the crew takes that first step aboard. Dive tanks are full, scuba gear is ready to go, and sails are trying to burst out of their covers in anticipation of this crew's first sail raise tomorrow. We've taken our first of many saltwater showers, eaten dinner on deck, and are living the Caribbean high life trying to spot all the marine life in the water around us. It's fair to say that after all the travel to get here and all the new faces to meet that we are all pretty exhausted. But to see all the shoes on the dock next to us is such a heartwarming feeling, and one makes me pleased that all our stars have aligned.