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Arrival Day

Location: Soper's Hole, West End, Tortola, BVI

This was our first day on the SeaMester Ocean Star 20-day voyage! After a long day of travel, students from all over the world arrived on various flights and ferries over the course of the afternoon and started to get acquainted. After a warm covid test welcome, we are in the process of learning what life will be like for us aboard Ocean Star. We set up bunks and helped with dinner, and learned all about our various roles on the job wheels. Everyone was tired and hungry but was extremely pleasant, and we all started getting along right away. A few of us set up hammocks in the evening and stayed up late talking and getting better acquainted. Tomorrow we leave the dock, and I think we are all eager to start our adventure together with Ocean Star.

Picture 1- View of the BVI From the Plane

Picture 2- First View of Ocean Star

Picture 3- View From the Deck of Ocean Star in Sopper's Hole Marina

Picture 4- Ocean Star summer staff 2022 (Drew, Steph, Smash, Amanda)