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A Stellar Crew Arrives!

Location: West End, Tortola

It began as a very quiet morning with the instructor crew of Ocean Star awakening to a ready boat in need of only a few more final touches. As the morning shifted toward the afternoon and the final items of preparation were crossed off the list, the staff grew more and more restless as they peered across the water at the ferry dock in anticipation for the students to arrive. The sun began to sink lower and lower toward the horizon, and still, no ferries were in sight, but as the sun dipped behind the ferry dock hill, they finally arrived. In one great gaggle, we had our new family of fourteen student crew. The bags were loaded into dinghies, and the students zipped across Soper's Hole before the light had the chance to fade. Once all settled and stowed, many grumbling stomachs cried out in a cacophony of growls that forced the hand of our ship's provisioner to present dinner to the students just before check-in. Eric prepared a wonderful pasta casserole, which was quickly devoured by students and staff alike. Clean-up, check-in, and salty showers off of the dock preceded our final chat of the night about life aboard and safety briefings. Many of a pair of heavy eyes pushed through the talk about cleanliness, roles, and responsibilities. It has been a long day of travel for many of our students, but we are excited to have them aboard, and we can't wait to get underway tomorrow. It is going to be a life-changing adventure, and hopefully, you all at home will be right here with us over the course of these blogs. So, to you back home, enjoy our story! Until tomorrow!