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This is the Day We've Been Waiting For

Location: Slipway, Antigua

We all finally made it to what will be our home for the next forty days--- the magnificent Ocean Star. She's even more beautiful in person. Her dark wood accents her white finish, and her curves tell us she is ready to take us around the Caribbean. It wasn't easy getting to her. But all the tests and stress of traveling during these unprecedented times has been well worth it to be standing on her now. We come from all over. Some of us from New Jersey, another from Texas, one from California, and even Great Britain, but now we're all in the same place to share the same experience. We have our own stories and different perspectives to bring to this boat that will make our voyage into the great unknown uniquely our own. What will find there? What memories will we make? We don't know yet. But one thing is for certain; we're all ready to set sail into our next great adventure together and find what lies on the other side of that horizon.

Hi Smash, here again, I am going to give everyone an intro into everyone on board, that way you can follow along with our adventure and know who is who:
1: Maria, she reeeeally likes lying on the dock for a few hours at a time
2. Joel got his calling for the sea
3. Jaden lost his eyes in a battle with the head
4. Max wore his sunglasses during wake-ups
5. Graham mad about the lack of cream cheese for his second bagel
6. Ash physically below everyone else
7. Chloe ready to DJ and Kris ready to beatbox
8. Other Chloe because she came second to the boat
9. Sam is that even her face
10. Jackie excited to get out of the engine room, and Amelia really cares about her water bottle
11. Sophie using the mast for moral support
12. Eitan knows how to open the watertight door, and Meg thinking about carabiners
13. Marls laughing at her own puns
14. Teagan found the boat and is happy about it
15. Me: Smash got my name from a cereal box