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Seamester Starts

Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today began early with a 6:30 AM swim test to see if all our new crew could float! Everyone passed swimmingly, and we indulged in our first breakfast as a team. Cereal was served, and fresh Island fruits were served by our talented chefs, followed by a first big clean-up in a new world. Following breakfast, we sat down together and talked about Sea | Mester policies and went through a bit of an orientation. Just before lunch, we prepared the boat, brought the dinghies on deck, and started our 80-day adventure en route to Virgin Gorda. It was an easy motor, and underway the shipmates studied for their upcoming scuba lessons and laid out on the deck to catch some rays...sunburns soon followed. Sorry, Mom's I tried my best but to no avail. When we dropped anchor in Savannah Bay, we took advantage of the crystal clear water and went for a swim. Dinner was prepared promptly by 6 o'clock, and boat introductions followed cleanup. All and all, it was a productive first day, and everyone looked forward to their first night's sleep on the water.